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XG-10 Specifications

Structure Steel

Equipment weight 73 kg / 161 lbs

Maximum load 140 kg / 330 lbs

Dimensions 33.5 x 26 x 55 in

Vibrating plate dimensions 33.5 x 16 in

Graphical Display Back lit touch-sensor

Vibration frequencies 20-50 Hz

Vibration amplitude 1.8 mm A 3.9 mm

Motor AC Motor 3.2 K/N

Acceleration 12G

Electric charge 0.4 A

DKN X-series (XG-10) Feature Video...

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XG-10 Features



of power!
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Your DKN Vibration Platform comes in 2 boxes containing:

- Vibration platform unit & hardware

- Exercise straps

- Vibration cushion

- Exercise chart

- Exercise training DVD

- Professional Vibration Platform

   Exercise book (Vol. 1)

- Owner's manual

Vibrate your way to Vibrant Health...

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